Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Providence and Poo

"Floor. Poop." Simeon said as he pointed to the white carpet.

The adults at the table looked up. Took in the scene. Continued in conversation.

"Floor. Poop!" Simeon said again.

We were at Cliff & Julie Montgomery's house. Many kids galloping through the room. Toys, food, bliss.

Julie leaned back in her chair and took a distant look.

Something was on the carpet.

"Where's Clay?" I think.

Clay slides closer.

Simeon comments yet again: "Floor. Poop."

There had been a diaper malfunction with a kiddo and sure enough, Sim was notifying the adults that something that certainly should not be on the carpet, indeed was.
After several warnings to us by Sim, it finally sank in. The adults sprang into action. Clay was rescued about one armful away from the poo. He puts everything in his mouth at this age.

There is a term that Christian's use where they refer to the "providence of God." It's a term for God's action in the world and in our lives. Simeon has learned enough words in the last three months to put together the simple phrase "Floor Poop." He saved his brother from a mouthful of poo, the Montgomery's from a white carpet smeared in it, and even more embarrassment for the tike who's diaper didn't make the cut that day. God's providence in our lives.

May you enjoy a day where you see God's action in your life- he is rescuing you from a darkness with much more a depth than poo.


Ally said...

We had an incident like that except we didn't get to Piper in time....

abby said...

I certainly thought of that memorable moment the night this happened. Yours didn't end so pleasantly. . .

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