Thursday, November 4, 2010

North to South and Now West to East

We've packed up our deodorant, albums, Hess trucks, books, your wedding gifts, and kids once again. This is the sixth home since we were married five years ago.

Bam. Here we are. Messy move. Kid's emotions sprawled out all over the place. Rainy day in the new place.

Through all changes we have seen the kind hand of God urge us, hold us, and teach us. This latest move is no exception. We have moved just a mile away from the church we are attending, named Grace Bible Church (it's website: and are super jazzed about things to come as well as enjoying the present.

Stephen is now working as the assistant Manager at this Oreck Store: and we're chilling at home.

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Jack said...

Isn't it awesome how amidst all the problems in life there's always God's love? Recently our dryer wasn't working and we couldn't afford to go buy a new one. We were just going to bite the proverbial bullet and go for it. My wife suggested I check the air ducts. I did, and they were filthy. So I did a little air duct cleaning and we ran the dryer and everything came out dry without a dime spent. I was so grateful to God that day.

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