Friday, November 5, 2010

Putting the Blog to Rest

We're going to go ahead and put this blog to rest for a while. It has served our families well as we have been away from them for the last four years, but now! wow! we're close and enjoying the fact that we get to see them regularly. For those of you in the North and extended regions of our lives that have been checking this, feel free to find us on facebook under "Stephen Abigail Bowne." We will post pictures of the kids there. Also, please always feel free to email us at or call us at 781-584-3126. This blog has had a good run (this is the 477th post!) and has been a great way to share the kids with you all. May the God who created us keep you and may you be a holistic follower of Christ with a life completely surrendered to Him.
Thanks for all your comments over the years! Love, the Boston Bownes


Ally said...

I'm not happy about this!

Kelly said...

I'll miss the blog, but love having Simeon (and the entire Bowne clan) closer.

Anonymous said...


BUT...I am so grateful for all the time you have taken to keep this going over the years. It has been a source of great entertainment, encouragement, and emotional energy! Thank you for sharing and making the far away seem not-so-far away.

I love you guys!

Please know that you are missed and the blog will be too.

the Simeon's Daily Vomitless,

Kolleen Toby

Simeon Bowne said...

thanks folks. kolleen, we'll need to keep pics coming to you. perhaps you're willing to join facebook? HA! you probably laughed out loud at that one.
thanks ally, kelly, and toby

Jordan said...

I will miss hearing for you! :(

Nicole said...

:( I understand. But now I will need a new homepage! Pictures and stories from the Boston Bownes have been greeting me every day for...years?!

I'll find y'all on facebook.


abby said...

no way! a homepage!!!!!! thanks nicole and jordan!

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